About the Real Estate Wise Group

We don’t settle for traditional, smart solutions; we go above and beyond with cutting-edge strategies and intuitive service.

Wise is more than a name, it’s a mantra.

Our team is a hard-working, collaborative group of experts. You deserve personal, start-to-finish solutions, so we offer access to a complete team for the cost of a single agent. Real Estate Wise was founded in 2012, and it has never been your average agency. Discover the difference with a humble, handson team of experts that are always up for a challenge. 

Meet Our Founder


Mark Timmons

Team Leader - Broker

After a successful career in civil engineering, construction, and design management, Mark Timmons took the plunge into real estate investing. He pursued local service options, but couldn’t find the right partner, so he set out to do it on his own. Mark unlocked his talent for discovering hidden, high-upside real estate properties and he found his new passion in the process. For Mark, real estate is scalable, personal, and fun with the ability to build flexible solutions to new challenges. His growth mindset and limitless new ideas are the perfect fit for real estate.

The Wise Difference ?

The joy of real estate permeates everything that we do. At Real Estate Wise, you won’t receive generic replies, basic marketing materials, or links to listings that don’t really fit your wishes. We take the time to listen, and we’re dedicated to make it happen!




Alexandra Linton

Sales Representative

Alexandra began her journey as a Deal Administrator to learn the
Real Estate business from the inside. Alexandra’s charm, humor, and energy gets things done promptly and efficiently; delivering exceptional outcomes to her clients. 


How about YOU

Are you a dynamic, highly productive individual? New to the industry or come from experience? Real Estate Wise Group has a lot to offer! We are actively growing and are looking to expand our team! We continuously invest in your growth and development to help you become a successful Real Estate Agent. We are here to support, train, as well as provide you with campaigns and LEADS! Get in touch with us and see if we can vibe!" 

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